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Apr 2012 Nasquest first Surveillance Audit by Moody International Certification Ltd
Nov  2011 Nasquest has been granted with a 3 years Petronas License term (renewal) from 27th Nov 2011 to 26th Nov 2014
May 2011 Certified with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems by Moody International Certification Ltd for 3 years – ISO Certificate No: Q937188
Jan 2011 IDAMS The Way Forward Session with Petronas Carigali, Allied Marine Equipment & Services and Tracerco
Oct 2010 Awarded by Petronas Carigali for the supply of Pipeline Repair System – SmartFlange Plus Connectors, size ranging from 6-20 inch class 600
Mar 2010 Awarded by Nippon Oil Exploration (M) Ltd with a 2 years (1 year ext. Option) for the Provision of Corrosion Management Software and Support Services
Jul 2010 Awarded by Kencana HL Sdn Bhd with KNJT-C UTTG Baseline Inspection and Reporting Project
Aug 2009 As part of Nasquest initiative to improve the Quality of its Services and Products, Nasquest  has embarked on ISO 9001:2008 implementation and working towards the certification by first quarter of 2011
Nov 2009 Nasquest has been granted with a 2 years Petronas License term and our current license information is as follows:
License No: L-247382U
Validity: 26 Nov 2009 – 26 Nov 2011
Approved License Categories are as follows:-

SQ1 Quality Assurance
SQ101040900 –NDT services – UTTG
SQ103010000 – Inspection Services – Risk Base Inspection

Inspection Services-Equipment Inspection –Static Equipment :-
SQ103030101    Pressure Vessels – (Fired) Inspection
SQ103030102    Pressure Vessels – (Unfired) Inspection
SQ103030103    Piping  Inspection
SQ103030104    Storage Tank
SQ103030105    Structure Inspection
SQ103030106    Cooling Tower Inspection

Nov 2009 Completed UTTG Baseline Inspection Services for Petronas Carigali at Turkmenistan
Oct 2009 Awarded by MTBE (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd  with 4 years (with 2 years option)  Term Contract  for UTTG and Data Collection Contract
Aug 2009 Awarded with 3 years contract supplying IDAMS Administrator  to Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd through Allied Marine & Equipment Sdn Bhd for their Underwater Inspection Management Campaign.
Nov 2008 On 26th November 2008, Nasquest has been awarded with Petronas License on our first attempt after going through the strict Petronas Licensing requirements.